The Problem With Being Perfect

The problem with being perfect

“Wayne Chan’s comical take on Asian culture is like a $150 bowl of shark’s fin soup – a unique and amazing offering. The Chinese-American humorist winks and nudges the reader through family reunions, parental expectations and shopping the supermarket for rambutans. The Asian experience is about family – read it, laugh out loud, and belong.”

Suzette Martinez Standring, Award Winning Author, The Art of Column Writing

Wayne Chan is delightfully funny and amazingly on target. It’s the stuff you may think but would never say out loud. His reflections on everyday life as an Asian American are thoughtful, insightful, warm, and never ever boring! Enjoy!!

Cheryl Weiberg, Editor-in-Chief, Asian Pages

The Problem With Being Perfect is a book of secrets. Most of these secrets fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. Things I’ve done that make me look like an idiot which I’d rather not share with family and friends but don’t mind sharing with people who don’t know me and have no idea where I live.
  2. Things my friends and family have done that would make them look like idiots which I can’t mention in front of them because they do know where I live.

May I also emphasize that in no way, shape or form, do any of the embarrassing stories I tell have anything to do with my wife. Even though some of the stories may seem like they could only come from my wife, and even if from time to time I actually refer to the person as “my wife”, I completely disavow any knowledge or any belief that the person in question, is in fact, my wife. If, in reading this book, you come across the words, “my wife”, please replace them with the words, “amazing human being.”

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Trooce in motion

Welcome to Trooce

Welcome, I have posted a video introduction to this webblog. I hope that you take your time to look through this weblog, and that you enjoy your visit to this weblog that contains video, audio and articles written by Wayne Chan.

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Daily Trooce

Laundry as a Teaching Moment

It’s amazing how much my life has changed since we had the triplets.  Little pet peeves I used to have just seem so immaterial now.

Before kids, my wife and I used to do the laundry together.  I would sort, wash, and dry them, and she would fold and put them away.  One week, I finished the laundry and left the clean clothes in a clothes basket in the hallway.  She didn’t touch them as she was busy, but I figured she would get to it.

Days go by, and the clothes do not move.  She walks past them without even noticing.  At one point she grabs a shirt from the pile and puts it on for the rest of the day.  I could easily have put them away but I did not want to set a precedent.  I need to maintain our marital equilibrium.

A few more days go by, I decide to make the best of the situation and I take the clothes out of the basket, squish them against the wall and form them into a pile of clothes shaped into the form of an end table.  I figure, if the clothes are just going to sit there, they might as well serve a purpose.  To further my point, I put a small lamp on top of it and placed a small fruit basket on it as well.

Now that the triplets have consumed our lives, I’m just happy the pile of clothes on the floor are clean.

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