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About Me

My name is Wayne Chan.  I’m married to my wife Maya Hu-Chan, an all around over achiever, and we live in San Diego, California.  We are the parents of ten-year-old triplets – Savannah, Ethan & Tyler.

Maya is an executive coach extraordinaire (ECE).  She works with Fortune 500 companies to help their top executives become better managers.

As noted before, she is an overachiever.

As an ECE, it also means that if, for example, I’m late in dropping off the kids to school, I can expect to find a progress report on my desk emphasizing the need to improve my “Offspring Development Delivery” skills.

I was born in Michigan, but my family quickly moved out to San Diego, California, the land of three car garages, where the weather is sunny and mild.  Our idea of family fun in the winter was to drive two hours away to our local mountains, pile our car with snow, and drive the snow back home so that my brother and I could have a 20 minute snowball fight in 75 degree weather as my Mom looked on and Dad tended to his vegetable garden in a t-shirt and shorts.  For all you East Coast people – I can see you smirking.  I really can.

I attended the University of California, San Diego and in between a pretty heavy dating schedule (trying to attain them, that is, as opposed to actually having them), I managed to earn a degree in economics.  That being the case, if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates by twenty-five basis points, I can provide thorough directions on where you can buy 50-cent tacos if you’re on a date and are low on cash.

In 1990 I met Maya, a beautiful, intelligent, woman who, for the first time in my life, made me feel like everything would be all right.  And while we may have some differences (i.e. no one will ever utter the words “camping” and “Maya” in the same sentence), I could not have asked for more.

In 1997, our triplets were born, and for the next year, Maya was determined to breast-feed them all.  I won’t go into how she accomplished this feat but suffice it to say – ropes and pulleys were involved.

At two years of age, after some initial suspicion, our greatest fears were realized when our princess, Savannah, was diagnosed with autism.  A few months later, Ethan was diagnosed with it as well.  Tyler is fine.

I haven’t written about our struggles with autism not because I wanted to hide from it, but because I did not want to let autism define us as a family.  Yet, it is a part of our story.  It is a story I will begin to share, and one that as a family, we will finish together.

A few specifics…

In my previous incarnations I have sold semiconductors, managed two non-profit programs for Asian Americans, worked at the United Way, shipped industrial grade paper to Asia, sourced furniture factories in China, helped companies import products from Asia, and built several homes as a general contractor.

The phrase, “A mile wide but an inch deep” isn’t lost on me as far as my experience goes.  Yet, with this blog, I’ve decided, finally, to follow my passion.

I love the San Diego Chargers when they are on a roll, and will behave appropriately insane if the situation calls for it.  I love won ton noodle soup in Vancouver, tennis on Sunday mornings, and picnic lunches on the beach.  I am a huge Beatles fan, and I will travel far and away to catch Paul McCartney in concert.

I write a humor column in a number of papers throughout the country, and my writing has served both as my passion and my liberation.  It is in my writing, therefore, that I’ve chosen to make my stand.

Here we go.