Laundry as a Teaching Moment

February 5, 2010 by trooce · Leave a Comment 

It’s amazing how much my life has changed since we had the triplets.  Little pet peeves I used to have just seem so immaterial now.

Before kids, my wife and I used to do the laundry together.  I would sort, wash, and dry them, and she would fold and put them away.  One week, I finished the laundry and left the clean clothes in a clothes basket in the hallway.  She didn’t touch them as she was busy, but I figured she would get to it.

Days go by, and the clothes do not move.  She walks past them without even noticing.  At one point she grabs a shirt from the pile and puts it on for the rest of the day.  I could easily have put them away but I did not want to set a precedent.  I need to maintain our marital equilibrium.

A few more days go by, I decide to make the best of the situation and I take the clothes out of the basket, squish them against the wall and form them into a pile of clothes shaped into the form of an end table.  I figure, if the clothes are just going to sit there, they might as well serve a purpose.  To further my point, I put a small lamp on top of it and placed a small fruit basket on it as well.

Now that the triplets have consumed our lives, I’m just happy the pile of clothes on the floor are clean.

12 Year Olds & Barney the Dinosaur Do Not Mix

July 15, 2008 by trooce · Leave a Comment 

Over the weekend, we celebrated our triplet’s 12th birthday.  Considering what it took to get us there, you would think the parents should have gotten all the presents.

Anyways, we asked my son Tyler to help out to set up for the party, which included taking out all the soda from the pantry and putting it out on the serving table.  I had forgotten that all 12 year olds suffer from a genetic condition that mandates that when transporting soda bottles, they must shake them vigorously.

In addition to the bottle shaking, Tyler begins talking about what he’d like us to do for his birthday – next year.

I also forgot to mention that the week before, he asked his uncle what present he would bring to him for his birthday.

In fairness, I should mention that for all non-birthday related behaviors, Tyler is actually a thoughtful, kind, and sweet kid.  Unfortunately, it must also be acknowledged that he turns into a gift-grubbing, soda shaking monster every year we celebrate his birthday.

As a responsible parent, it becomes my responsibility to ensure that his birthday celebration does not come off without a few embarrassing moments.

In our home, we have a whole house music system, which allows us to play just about any type of music available.  After lunch but before the birthday cake, Tyler decides he wants to show off the whole house music system to his friends – and yes, I know how obnoxious that sounds.

As he picks up the controller, he tells everybody, “Hey guys, listen to this, I can play some really cool music!”  He then proceeds to go to the artists section to find some rap music by Eminem.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that I also have a controller and have a few choice music selections of my own.

As Tyler’s drilling down to the latest hip hop track by Eminem, Tyler says, “Listen to this.  I LOVE this!  This song is so cool”.

With eight young boys looking up intently waiting to hear Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, they instead hear the sweet warblings of Barney the Dinosaur singing “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…”

With a freakish look of disgust and horror, Tyler raises his hands and says, “No! No! No!  Not this!  Let me try again!

Again, instead of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” – Teletubbies.

Instead of “Must be the Ganja” – the theme song to Dora the Explorer.

Come to think of it, I’m looking forward to his next birthday too.

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